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Cos’è esattamente l’escrow account (conto fiduciario)  Il termine anglosassone escrow individua un accordo scritto fra due soggetti in forza del quale somme di denaro o titoli di proprietà oggetto del contratto vengono depositate presso una terza parte (Escrow Agent) a titolo di garanzia, e rilasciate poi all’avveramento di determinate condizioni espressamente stabilite dalle parti. Un […]


The Italian legal system is very different from the English. Conveyancing is strictly governed by Italian Law and can be performed only by a public notary (Notaio), who is a qualified professional and public officer. Only in front of Notaio it is possible to complete the purchase of any real estate. THE PRELIMINARY CONTRACT (Contratto […]

Once upon a time there was an Englishman in Liguria like Stings music ‘Englishman in New York’. One could ask the question,what the hell is an Englishman doing in this Province? Perhaps he is attracted to the fact that Genoa has the same flag of  St  George  as  England : the red cross on a […]