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Anglo Italian Law was founded by Marco Calabrese and Carlo Bottino who have specialized in the field of Family Law, earning the widespread respect of several institutions for reliability in helping Clients resolve emotional and economic family issues in a calm and dignified manner. For over three decades we have been committed to helping our Clients with a comprehensive approach, to protect their interest and clarify their rights and, eventually, to defend them in Court when necessary.

Colin Jamieson is a lawyer registered at the Court of Milan and solicitor of England and Wales. He principally deals with tax and legal issues for English speaking with investments in Italy or Italian clients investing abroad providing them with full tax, corporate and legal advice. Due to the dual status of his qualification, Colin specialises in providing legal advice on Italian, English and cross-border tax issues in both jurisdictions.

Ella Connolly is a solicitor of England and Wales. She is fluent in Italian and assists Colin in the provision of tax advice to expats in Italy. She also assists Italian clients with small claims in the English courts.

The U.S. law firm Reed, Centracchio & Associated, LLC is an international law firm based in Chicago that deals mainly with family law. In today’s global economy, where jobs, education and travel are in many others in distant countries, it is essential to offer a service to the reference customers. RCA’s lawyers are a complete service for the large Chicago area and as needed, through affiliated offices in France (Lyon) and Italy (Rome and Milan).




In Italy there is common saying when anyone earn a lot of money: he probably inherited from his American uncle !In the common practice it can often happen on the contrary. There a lot of Americans or Australians who had distant relatives in Italy without any other heirs except them. What should the lucky American […]


WHO CAN MAKE AN ITALIAN WILL? A person who is at least 18 years old; the legal owner of the assets; of sound mind (capace di intendere e di volere). In the event of a dispute over the mental capacity at the time of drafting the will, a court will decide. WHO SHOULD MAKE AN […]

The UK has now implemented a points-based immigration system for the EU citizens. The new rules will  generally apply to all applications made from 1 December 2020, including for EU nationals who are not already living, working or studying in the UK before the end of 2020 (and cannot use the settlement/pre-settlement rules to continue […]

If after the second letter before action there is still no response and the debtor still doesn’t pay, then the judicial phase begins. At this point the claimant needs to be certain of the debtor’s ability to pay the debts it owes, therefore some investigation is required as to the financial status of the debtor. […]

<p style=”text-align: justify”> DEBT COLLECTION IN ITALY: FIRST STEPS How to start a debt collection in Italy Contact an Italian lawyer (Avvocato) Give the Italian lawyer (Avvocato) Information on the case – value of the debt – Is the debtor a company or an individual? – is the debt originated by a commercial transaction, is there […]


Well, there are some similarities between the Italian and English legal systems here. Step 1 – Letter before claim (England & Wales), lettera di reclamo (Italy) The first step in England & Wlales, as we have mentioned in previous articles, is to send the debtor a letter before claim, asking them to reply usually within […]


Brexit: what’s next for the UK art market? As of today, Brexit is a reality and, although the United Kingdom (UK) will remain fully aligned with European Union (EU) law until the end of the transition period (which is still currently expected to be at the end of the year), once this period ends the […]

Coronavirus wreaking havoc across the globe is not only slamming healthcare systems, but also forcing the closure of borders and causing an economic collapse whose extent the world seems truly unaware of. With some exceptions, all markets and sectors (be it airlines, the tourist industry, sports or entertainment) have already been impacted by the coronavirus […]




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If a custodial parent desires to relocate outside Italy despite the other parent’s wishes, such a move could constitute parental kidnapping. If a court order exists regarding shared custody (affidamento condiviso), the dissenting parent may be able to use the custody order to compel enforcement of parental kidnapping laws. If a parent relocates to a […]


Collecting debts in Italy


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The Italian legal system, based upon the Civil Law, is characterised by a very high number of laws and a significant variety of grounds for appeal. It is important to stress that legal proceedings, both civil and criminal, generally last many years. The necessary legal proceedings are time consuming and will therefore have a direct […]

In recent times the idea of negotiation, which is present in almost all the human activities, evolved from the resolution of a human conflict to the concepts of conflict resolution in psychology, which were adopted by some lawyers in the beginning of ADR movement; thence some recent movements brought the concept of negotiation towards a […]

ITALIAN LAW ON CAR ACCIDENTS According to the Italian Civil Code – articles 2043 and 2054 – any individual causing a damage has the duty to make it good and restore the victim, putting him back in the position he would have found himself if the damage had not occurred at all. In the event of […]

The acquisition of a winery An expanding market The wine is, in the panorama of world agri-food trade, one of the most globalized products. Now sold and consumed around the world, the wine trade increased from less than 7 billion in the late ’80s to more than $ 34 billion in 2013 more than any […]

The case in which an expat resident in Italy receives a lump sum or an annuity from a pension fund or a foreign insurance company ( e.g. Traditional and ROTH IRA in U.s., Register retirement Saving plan in Canada) is now widespread. However, it is not easy to understand what system of taxation has to […]


Pre-Nuptial Agreements in Italy


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Unlike in some other jurisdictions, pre-nuptial agreements are not commonplace in Italy. The reason for this is evident; until relatively recently, even where the parties had entered into a pre-nuptial agreement, the Italian Court would not enforce it. In this guest blog Italian lawyer Veronica Magrini of Anglo Italian Law network looks at the status […]