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Anglo Italian Law was founded by Marco Calabrese, Carlo Bottino and Colin Jamieson who have specialized in the field of International law business, Cross border Tax, Family Law, earning the widespread respect of several institutions for reliability in helping Foreign Clients in their Italian business, cross border family and tax law issues. For over three decades we have been committed to helping our Clients with a comprehensive approach, to protect their interest and clarify their rights and, eventually, to defend them in Court when necessary.

Marco, Carlo and Colin are currently included among the lawyers recommended by the U.s. Embassy in Rome (Marco) and English Consulate in Milan.

Marco and Carlo are also members of the N.I.A.B.A. (National Italian American Bar As sociation Italawyers (an international association of Italian and Italian-speaking lawyers seeking the dissemination of Italian legal culture worldwide) and AIAF (Italian family lawyer association).



In Italy there is common saying when anyone earn a lot of money: he probably inherited from his American uncle !In the common practice it can often happen on the contrary. There a lot of Americans or Australians who had distant relatives in Italy without any other heirs except them. What should the lucky American […]


By Avv. Carlo Bottino INTRODUCTION For each industry sector there is a National Collective Bargaining Agreement (hereinafter, also, “NCBA”) that regulates the employment relationship. Companies with more than 15 employees come under the umbrella of the Workers’ Statute Italian labour laws and National Collective Bargaining Agreement provisions may only be amended by employers in a […]

BY COLIN JAMIESON It is clearly the intention of the legislator that individuals requesting the DV Visa/Stay Permit need to be entirely compliant with their Italian tax and social security obligations. Italy has two very attractive tax regimes which can apply to digital nomads:- the Regime Forfettario – a 5% flat tax for the first five years […]


On 4 April 2024 a Ministerial Decree issued by the Italian Interior Minister  was published in the Italian Official Gazette.  Effective 5 April 2024, the Decree implements the Digital Nomad Visa and Stay Permit envisaged by a 2022 Law amending the Italian Immigration Code and introducing the  Digital Nomad Visa for the first time into Italian law. […]

Conditions for accessing the DV Visa Entry into and residence in Italy of non EU citizens who meet the definition of digital nomad and who: possess the  minimum education qualifications as set out in Article 27-quater, paragraph 1, of  Legislative Decree No. 286 of 25 July 1998 (see below) and who present evidence of the same; […]

WHO CAN MAKE AN ITALIAN WILL? A person who is at least 18 years old; the legal owner of the assets; of sound mind (capace di intendere e di volere). In the event of a dispute over the mental capacity at the time of drafting the will, a court will decide. WHO SHOULD MAKE AN […]


Collecting debts in Italy


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The Italian legal system, based upon the Civil Law, is characterised by a very high number of laws and a significant variety of grounds for appeal. It is important to stress that legal proceedings, both civil and criminal, generally last many years. The necessary legal proceedings are time consuming and will therefore have a direct […]

In recent times the idea of negotiation, which is present in almost all the human activities, evolved from the resolution of a human conflict to the concepts of conflict resolution in psychology, which were adopted by some lawyers in the beginning of ADR movement; thence some recent movements brought the concept of negotiation towards a […]

ITALIAN LAW ON CAR ACCIDENTS According to the Italian Civil Code – articles 2043 and 2054 – any individual causing a damage has the duty to make it good and restore the victim, putting him back in the position he would have found himself if the damage had not occurred at all. In the event of […]

The acquisition of a winery An expanding market The wine is, in the panorama of world agri-food trade, one of the most globalized products. Now sold and consumed around the world, the wine trade increased from less than 7 billion in the late ’80s to more than $ 34 billion in 2013 more than any […]