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Anglo Italian Law was founded by Marco Calabrese and Carlo Bottino who have specialized in the field of Family Law, earning the widespread respect of several institutions for reliability in helping Clients resolve emotional and economic family issues in a calm and dignified manner. For over three decades we have been committed to helping our Clients with a comprehensive approach, to protect their interest and clarify their rights and, eventually, to defend them in Court when necessary.



The number of cross border families in the Western Countries is increasing constantly.  People travel across different jurisdictions more, international marriages are on the rise, and individuals have interests abroad or finally relocate to the country of their dreams. According to EUROSTAT, the statistical office of the European Union, 31.9 million foreign citizens lived in […]

There are basically two ways to become an Italian Citizen. One is to sneak into an Italian woman’s womb and make sure to be delivered after nine months in proximity to a Trattoria, so that you can enjoy a good dish of spaghetti as you come out. The second is to claim Italian Citizenship through […]


My Country must be the ideal place, from a financial point of view, for the husbands to get a divorce. First, the regime of separation of assets in Italy (which is chosen by 70% of the couples at the moment of the celebration of their marriage) hardly leaves any room for financial attributions in favour […]

In the “2017 Budgetary Law”, definitively approved on 7 December 2016, the Italian Government has introduced a series of dispositions aimed at creating incentives for foreign investments in Italy. Who have a large patrimony , could be interested in obtaining a fiscal residence in Italy through the combination of two dispositions contained in the 2017 […]

Once upon a time there was an Englishman in Liguria like Stings music ‘Englishman in New York’. One could ask the question,what the hell is an Englishman doing in this Province? Perhaps he is attracted to the fact that Genoa has the same flag of  St  George  as  England : the red cross on a […]

Gli eredi dello “zio d’America” si trovano ad affrontare un problema di non facile soluzione: come gestire un patrimonio estero non dichiarato dal de cujus ricevuto in eredità. Le alternative in sostanza erano due Mantenere il patrimonio nascosto al fisco, incorrendo nelle violazioni delle norme sul monitoraggio fiscale Dichiarare i beni ereditati e versare le […]