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If after the second letter before action there is still no response and the debtor still doesn’t pay, then the judicial phase begins. At this point the claimant needs to be certain of the debtor’s ability to pay the debts it owes, therefore some investigation is required as to the financial status of the debtor. […]

<p style=”text-align: justify”> DEBT COLLECTION IN ITALY: FIRST STEPS How to start a debt collection in Italy Contact an Italian lawyer (Avvocato) Give the Italian lawyer (Avvocato) Information on the case – value of the debt – Is the debtor a company or an individual? – is the debt originated by a commercial transaction, is there […]


Well, there are some similarities between the Italian and English legal systems here. Step 1 – Letter before claim (England & Wales), lettera di reclamo (Italy) The first step in England & Wlales, as we have mentioned in previous articles, is to send the debtor a letter before claim, asking them to reply usually within […]