Our Team begins with an understanding that our Clients are unique and deserve a full-service approach to their problem. Unlike other Law offices we concentrate on the person instead of their case, especially when cross border litigations may turn any nerves of steel into a scaredy cat.

You may be dissatisfied with International Law Firms stiff policies and high prices when you are looking for a good local lawyer to solve your problems – such as Family Law, Estate Planning, Wills & Testaments, Real Property, Civil General Practice etc. You may also prefer to meet a local lawyer who is able to better understand your personal concerns and needs. Smaller law offices can offer financial benefits, personalized attention to your matter and of course the foreign expertise needed in international litigation for that particular region.

Cross Border Litigation rates have risen sharply in recent years. People travel across different jurisdictions more, international marriages are on the rise, and individuals have interests abroad, return to their native countries or finally relocate to the country of their dreams. Divorce and Child Custody cases make up more than half of all international litigation cases these days.

We have an advantage of working with experienced professionals throughout Italy, who are devoted to family law, and are child custody, psychology and financial experts.

Morevoer the firm collaborates internationally with practices in Continental Europe, UK and USA